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Bluetron™ Application Specific Module

The Bluetron™ BTR110S module from AvantWave is a complete Bluetooth® solution for fast implementation, cutting your time-to-market. It is a short-range, compact and cost effective radio/baseband module that can be implemented in any kind of electronic devices, such as high-end headset, cell phones, PDAs and telephone gateway, etc.


In standard configuration the module includes a baseband processor with on board 4Mbit Flash memory, a radio front-end, antenna interface, supporting circuitry, together with some higher-level software protocols and applications such as L2CAP, SDP, SPP, HSP and HFP are resided in the Flash.

The Bluetron™ BTR110S module module is a power class 2 Bluetooth® devices, and is in compliance with version 1.1/1.2 of the Bluetooth® specification. It is supplied with Bluetooth® protocol stack firmware which runs on the internal microprocessor. Bluetron™ BTR110S module is built on CSR BC02 Flash core with an 4Mbit Flash memory for firmware and application software storage.


Key Features

A small and cost effective Bluetooth® System
Bluetooth® specification v1.1/v1.2 compliant
Class 2, up to 10-meter range
Complete 2.4GHz Bluetooth® System including:
- Hardware: Radio, Baseband and Crystal & Memory
- Standard Firmware: HCI or RFCOMM stack
Power management: low power 1.8V operation for Bluetooth® core
Compact size: 12 mm x 12 mm x 2.35 mm
Antenna on package
15-bit linear audio CODEC
Support multiple connections
Surface mount module for embedded applications
Several firmware options
Rewritable Flash memory for easy upgrade route
Custom firmware production available

High-end Bluetooth® headset
Automotive car kit applications
PDAs and other portable terminals
Point-of-sales (POS) systems
Telemetry and machine-to-machine devices
Fitness and sports telemetry devices
RS232 cable replacers

Technical Data


Bluetooth® Class 2 radio (up to 10 meters)
Nominal output power 0.5 dBm
Nominal sensitivity ?V78 dBm
Uses 2.4 GHz ISM band
Based on CSR BC02 Flash chipset
Host processor interface with UART, I2C, USB
SPI interface for firmware and parameter upgrades
Supply voltage: 3.3V and 1.8V DC
Power consumption:
- Link active: 25 mA (Min.), 35 mA (Max.)
- SCO connection HV3 in sniff mode: 26 mA
- Link active in park mode: 0.60 mA
- Idle with Deep Sleep mode: 0.85 mA
Size: 12 mm (W) x 12 mm (L) x 2.35 mm (T)
Operating temperature: -20oC to +75oC
Reference designs and antennas available for several architectures

Headset, Hands-free firmware available
Possible to use a customized firmware

Bluetooth® version 1.1/1.2