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Bluetooth Serial Cable (BSC100)


BSC100 turns any product with a RS-232 serial port into a wireless Bluetooth device.
It does not require any specific setup and two BSC100(s) can be connected each other
directly automatically.

A pair of BSC100(s) can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth radio link to form as a
conventional serial cable. The extension of the cable can be up to 100 meters. There is no operation difference of using BSC100 in comparison to using conventional serial cable. All Bluetooth protocol stacks, profiles and application programs resides in BSC100. No additional software driver is needed to install in your devices.

The typical technical specifications of the Bluetooth Serial Cable (BSC100)

Range 100 meters
16dBm output power
-79dBm input sensitivity
24 dB range adaptive power control
Operates on batteries or with a power supply (charger)
Support Point to Multipoint with PC adapter
Bluetooth version 1.1 compliant
Build-in chip antenna
LEDs indicate power and Bluetooth connection
ON/OFF switch
9.6Kbps, 19.2Kbps, 38.4Kbps, 57.6Kbps
Flow control by RTS/CTS available
Power supply 3.3V
6 hours Battery operation
PCB size 45mmX23mm